Pranic Awakening

Yoga Teacher Training & Ayurveda Course 
Curriculum | 200 hour | March 2021

module 1

How did I get here, what am I made of and how do I survive?

Intro to Sanskrit

What are the Vedas?

Samkhya Philosophy

Yoga & Ayurveda: A Complete System

Ayurveda and the Elements

Prana & the Subtle Body

What is Kundalini?

Intro to Tantra

1st Chakra Overview and Practices

Establishing a Sadhana

What Are Superposes?

Energy Releasing Asanas for Joints, Digestion and Pranic Blockages

module 2

The care and feeding of your spine, constitution and energy body.

The Magic of Mantras

Mythology and the Deities

Chakra Bija Mantras

Spinal Anatomy & Movement

Musculature of the Back

Forward Bends

Understanding Release Valves

The Five Layers of Your Being

Yoga Nidra

2nd Chakra Overview and Practices

Ayurveda & the Doshas

Pada 1 of The Yoga Sutras

module 3

Digest Everything: breath, fire and pranic flow

Sound & the Power of Chanting

Ganesha Mantra

Common Postural Problems

Postural Assessment Practice

Adaptive Backbends

3rd Chakra Overview and Practices

Restricted Breathing Patterns

Nadis and the Nasal Cycle

Prescriptive Pranayama

The Laws of Karma

Ayurveda: Prakriti & Vikriti

Digestive Fire and Immunity

Energy Flow Patterns: Pancha Vayus

Prana Vayu: The Energy of Inception

Pada 2: The Yoga Sutras

module 4

Blasting energy blocks and finding balance

Lakshmi Abundance Mantra

Classical Sun Salutations

Axial Extensions

Cooking Demo: Kitchari

The Magic of Mudras

4th Chakra Overview and Practices

The History of Yoga

Energy Locks: Bandhas - The Root Lock

Gaining Focus with Drishtis

Balancing Postures

Intro to Sequencing

Voice and Language

Ayurveda: Relationship of the Mind and the Organs

Ayurvedic Pathogenesis

Apana Vayu: The Downward Flow of Energy

module 5

Opposites attract: weaving ayurveda and yoga

Sun Salutation A

The Liberation Mantra

Safe, Effective Twists

5th Chakra Overview and Practices

Anatomy of Digestion

Samana Vayu: Digest Food and Life

The Nervous System

Polyvagal Theory

Vagal Tone Practices

Uddiyana Bandha

Ayurveda: Working with the Gunas

Vinyasa Krama

Ways to Prepare a Class

The Muscular System

Ratio Breathing

The Structural Breath

module 6

Syncing with the Universe: Sound and chronobiology

Sun Salutation B

Cleansing Kriyas

Lateral Bends

6th Chakra Overview and Practices

The Mysterious Third Eye

Types and Degrees of Sound in Mantra

Prescriptive Pranayama Practices

Udana Vaya: Energy of Growth & Speech

Kirtan Kriya: Cognition and Clarity

Pada 3: The Yoga Sutras

The Shoulder and Arms

Chronobiology to Align with Circadian Rhythm

Dinacharya: Optimum Daily Schedule

The Goodness of Ghee

Overview of Learning Styles

Creating Musical Playlists

module 7

Elevate Mood: Yoga for behavioral health/trauma

Moon Salutations

Meditation Styles/Practices

How to Teach Meditation

The Psoas Muscle and Emotion

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Yoga for Behavioral Health

Doshic Depression Types

7th Chakra Overview and Practices

Lymph/ Circulatory/Endocrine Systems

Touching and Assists in Yoga

Anatomy of the Hips

Safe Hip Asanas and Exercises

Asana for Doshic Types

The Ayurvedic Gunas in Asana

module 8

Stepping into Your Power: ethics, business, offerings

Yoga Practices for Specific Energetic Effects

Soham Mantra

Safe, Effective Inversions

Working with Props

Restorative Yoga

Working with the Knees

Vedic Astrology/Vastu

Chair Yoga and Proper Sequencing

Ayurveda: Best Practices for Your Dosha

Samskaras, Kleshas, Sunyata

Ethical Guidelines for Teachers

Establishing a Yoga Business

Yoga and the Law

Defining and Practicing Your Speil

module 9

Go forth and share your wisdom!

Class Presentations

Self Care for Yoga Teachers

Living the Yogic Lifestyle

Taking Your Gifts to the World

Awesome Graduation and Celebration!