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Ayurveda, meaning the science of life, is a comprehensive system of health and well-being, born in India over 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda covers diet and lifestyle habits as well as as yoga, meditation and energy medicine, all of which work synergistically to create balance and health in body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda understands and treats discomfort and disease by understanding the imbalances in our constitutions, which, in Ayurveda, are comprised of three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


Derived from nature's elements - space air, fire, water and earth, - the doshas are the three biological energies that govern all physical and mental processes. We have all three doshas within us, but most people are dominated by one or two. Keeping the doshas balanced is key for optimum health.


Vata is air + space which governs all movement in body and mind. Balanced: enthusiastic, creative, open to change. Imbalanced: low energy, anxious, sleepless, dry skin, poor memory, bloated, constipated, pain.


Pitta is fire + water, responsible for the transformation of food and experiences. Balanced: intelligent, courageous, well-structured. Imbalanced: inflammation, reflux, loose stools, skin disorders, anger, liver issues.


Kapha is earth + water which brings structure and cohesion. Balanced: calm, loving, steady, good memory. Imbalanced: weight gain, fluid retention, lethargy, excessive sleep.

Though we come into the world balanced, we can slip out of that state from improper diet, faulty lifestyle habits, stress, traumas, environmental changes, challenging life experiences and unprocessed emotions. Then we begin to feel uneasy, and if that unease isn't addressed it can eventually manifest as disease. However, according to the ancient principals of Ayurveda, each person’s doshas can be rebalanced, and health and wellbeing restored.


May Help With


Stress-Related Problems: insomnia, headaches, irritability, anxiety, depression

Emotional Concerns: anxiety, depression, anger, ADHD

Digestive Issues: indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, hyperacidity

Menstrual Difficulties: heavy flow, pain, irregularity, scanty flow, PMS, infertility

• Pain: Joint Pain or Discomfort, Low Back Pain, Fibromyalgia

Weight Issues: excess weight, underweight

Skin Disorders: eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes

Menopause: hot flashes, dryness and other discomforts 



Strong Digestion is Key


Ayurveda acknowledges that most illness begins from

poor digestion - not only from your ability to break down

your food but also how you digest your life experiences.


Therefore, special emphasis is placed on building

strong digestive fire with personalized diet, spices, herbs

and lifestyle practices. Better mind control is fostered with the

use of personalized yoga and meditation programs.




ayurvedic health coaching


Living an ayurvedic lifestyle has been a major game-changer for me. Plagued with chronic digestive issues, anxiety, low immunity and insomnia, I came to Ayurveda after allopathic medicine could find nothing wrong after extensive testing. Though I was eating very healthy foods, they weren't the right ones for my delicate constitution. After my self-healing, I was inspired to help others make sense of what was going on in their bodies and minds. 


A big part of Ayurveda is education. Once you know how the elements work within you, you can balance yourself. I have a knack for making the concepts of Ayurveda easy to understand and enjoy guiding clients into a realm full of a-ha moments and expanded consciousness. Consults are chock full of fresh new perspectives and I help clients discern the root of health issues by recognizing how excessive or deficient elements have manifested themselves.


A consultation involves a detailed health history and a dietary and lifestyle review. Using tongue, nail, face, eye and pulse assessment, both the inborn constitution and current state of imbalance can be determined. Based on the client's goals, an individualized treatment plan may include recommendations for diet, recipes, herbs and beneficial lifestyle habits. As a seasoned yoga therapist, I may include breathing exercises, meditation, and simple, effective yoga practices because it is very important to bring you into "rest and digest" mode. Learning to self-regulate the nervous system is key ingredient in the healing process.

Because Ayurveda is geared toward a sustainable lifestyle, I meet you where you are at and together we unfold the wellness plan through several weeks, updating progress and practices each time we meet. 



15th Anniversary Special

15%off the personalized wellness package

appointments can be booked THROUGHOUT 2020



personalized wellness



Session 1

Where are you at

Where are you at?

How did you get here?


This two-hour meeting is about discovery and education. We find out what your imbalances are and how they came to be. The body always gives clues and I assess your tongue and pulse to see what they are telling me. We look in detail at your diet, sleep patterns, lifestyle, family history, emotional patterns, stress triggers, energy levels, traumas and more. I give you solid education on the principles of ayurveda so you understand how to use it. This is super important. I highlight how digestion works and why it is at the root of strong health. You will be awakened with a new sense of the workings of your body-mind and inspired to make shifts. I send you off with homework: some simple changes to start making in your diet as well as some lifestyle hacks like tongue scraping and breath control techniques to balance your energy. Then I get to work on reviewing your info and formulating the plan for your transformation.

session 2

Here we go.

Big changes ahead.

In this two-hour meeting I present the customized plan that considers your unique issues and we discuss how to get you jumpstarted. You put your toe in the water here. New dietary recommendations are introduced and we decide how to make it work for you. I guide you on how to incorporate them into your daily life and we work through any obstacles you may have. We look over some recipes and may even head to the kitchen and learn how to cook a dish or two that we will eat. Daily routine knowledge such as sleep/wake practices and optimal meal time schedules may be addressed. Nourishing, customized yoga and meditation techniques will be presented that are doable for your schedule. You leave this informative session with some more tools and another layer of ayurvedic wisdom.

Session 3

Now you're getting it.

Let's go a little deeper.

At this point you are probably seeing a connection between what you eat, your daily habits and how you feel. And it feels good! So, in this two-hour session we begin to add in more dietary procedures and may implement a soft detox plan. You have gotten more in sync with how your digestion works and we focus on getting your digestive fire even healthier. (Hint: Your mind is strongly related to digestion.) I introduce you to concepts like food combining and meal stacking and how they can derail digestion. We get deep into daily self-care and hygiene and the role they play in health. Aromatherapy, marma point therapy and practices to soothe and protect your sense organs, oil pulling and a delicious daily oil massage are introduced. A goal of this session is to make sure you are in "rest and digest" mode and not "fight or flight."

session 4


Living the lifestlye.

Taking control of your health. 


  In these two hours together, we work to integrate all facets of ayurveda and yoga into your daily life. You understand how much power you truly have over your health and that you can bring yourself into balance at any time with the tools you have learned. We continue to enhance not only the digestion and assimilation of your food but also of your daily experiences in life. Another layer of diet and food knowledge is introduced so you have the skills to access optimal nutrition for your unique constitution. An herbal protocol may be recommended to balance your doshas and to address energy, digestion and organ integrity. We incorporate solid plans to manage stress and build your prana, or life force. The stronger it is the better you feel! By using simple, powerful, energy-balancing techniques you learn to control and direct your prana to move efficiently through your energy channels, giving you the power to bring yourself into balance at any time.  




 Let's get started 

The cost for this comprehensive, personalized program is discounted from $795 to the $675 for our 15th anniversary special. It includes time spent outside the sessions reviewing your intake, designing your health protocols, research, and time spent creating herbal formulas and yoga sequences. At each two-hour session, we reassess pulse and tongue analysis, track progress and set new, achievable goals to focus on. To be able to truly understand ayurveda and have the skills to apply it for perpetual self-healing, it takes both time and a seasoned, well-trained practitioner to guide you into this effective, time-tested science. I am dedicated to meeting you where you are and providing compassionate support on your journey not only to vitality, but to greater awareness and consciousness. This intensive four-session package is a solid, comprehensive starting place for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Depending on your issues and goals we decide how far apart to space the sessions. Some people may need additional sessions to meet their objectives.


Contact me at to schedule a free 15 minute consult to see if we are a fit.

Happy People

Lisa made some dietary suggestions based on my dosha and after following those for two weeks, an autoimmune skin rash that I had fought with for years went away on it's own. My chronic stomach problems went away and I even lost 10 pounds (which was likely inflammation). Shortly after the consult with Lisa, I had food allergy testing done and those results confirmed that I should avoid the foods she mentioned. Having an ayurvedic consult with Lisa was such an important step in taking charge of my health - best decision ever!

Melissa K.

After three weeks of following the personalized detox plan Lisa crafted for me I am sleeping really well, have no indigestion, my depression has lifted, my energy is much better, I have no food, sugar or caffeine cravings and I don’t wake up feeling anxious.


And I lost ten pounds! Ayurveda has changed my life on every level.

Lyndall H.

I came to Lisa out of sheer desperation after a decade of tummy troubles which defied any medical  explanation. My joints hurt and I had chronic migraines, insomnia, and low energy. I implemented her suggestions and nine weeks later I am ten pounds lighter, free of food cravings and blood sugar swings, sleeping soundly, full of energy and calmer and more detached in my emotions. My joints hurt less, my muffin top is GONE, I have fewer and less intense migraines and I am free of caffeine and alcohol. My skin even looks better. The best part? My belly is completely, predictably normal. I am overwhelmingly grateful and still in awe of the changes!

Jen W.