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Harmony Yoga & Ayurveda

Natural Health Solutions for Enhanced Living

No matter where you are physically, mentally or emotionally in life, the sister sciences of yoga and ayurveda will meet you where you are with wisdom and compassion. Take a journey of personal growth that leads to self-realization and unfolds the higher consciousness that lies deep in your heartAcquire tools for introspection, relaxation and healing so each moment can be lived with profound awareness and gratitude. Remember your essential spiritual nature and allow life to become joyous, meaningful, and carefree.  


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Yoga Mats

Classes for Health and Personal Transformation

Experience a functional mind-body practice to reduce stress and increase life force energy


Yoga Therapy

Empowering individuals to improve their 

health through special applications of yoga.


Balance bodily systems using diet, lifestyle practices, herbal treatments and yogic techniques


Shamanic Journeys

A special level of consciousness to work with intuitive and spiritual guidance.

Teacher Trainings

200 & 300 hour


Harmony Yoga is located at a tranquil, private location in the Ballantyne area of South Charlotte.

For more information call 704-277-3887.